Self service pit stop

In harmony with other guests all kinds of bikes are welcome Bike Cave’s self service.
It means that we rent you our tools and facility and you fix your bike the best way you can.
On the floor we have bicycle stand, motorbike lift, loaded tool chest, full automatic tire changer and computerised balancing machine.
Bicycle tubes and repair kit for regular fixing.
We can even help you change from summer tires to winter tires – or vice versa.
Of course you can have assistance from staff or even guests when you need extra pair of hands.
Fee for motorbikes pr. hour is 2.500 ISK and for bicycles 1.000 ISK. If you need longer time we will of course evaluate the price according to your needs. Special price will be for use of tire changer and balancing machine but our goal will be having moderate prices.
We assume the bikes are ready to roll before we close in evening.